Descarca catalog: Laborator EN

All Ceramic SuperMax page 0.10 All Ceramic SuperMax page 1.30 CeraGlaze Polishers page 0.9 Diamond Discs page 0.6

Diamond Discs page 1.14 Diamond Discs with sintered rim page 1.26 Dowel Pins and Burs page 8.2 Kunststoff polierer page 5.7

Milling Instruments page 3.4  Porcelain Polishers page 5.6 Porcelain set designed by Oliver Brix page 10.4 Mandrels, Adapter page 6.4Separating discs page 7.7Milling Technique Set 0° page 10.19 Set for porcelain page 10.8 Table for Milling Technique page 3.8 Tungsten Carbide Cutters page 0.13 Zirconia set page 0.11 Abrasives with ceramic bond page 0.10 Abrasives with ceramic bond page 5.2

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